10 Hours

"Not that running away's going to solve everything... I wouldn't count on escaping this place if I were you. No matter how far you run. Distance might not solve anything."

A snippet from my major project "10 Hours" loosely based on a small extract from Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami


Having a go using a graphics tablet, I need more practice

Killer noodles

An old summer project I've just unearthed while having a clear out. The brief was kind of like when you were in primary school and on the first day back you had to write a story of what you did in the summer holidays. But a bit different- we had to make a small publication about a journey we did over our summer break. I spent a lot of my summer break working in a takeaway

Holding Onto Summer

Reportage project about the end of the tourist season in the coastal town of Eastbourne. The final outcome was a series of 9 A2 illustrations varying in media from watercolour and pencil, and ink and charcoal


My 2nd yr Photography Elective on the theme of 'Mutation' I wanted to play around with long exposures (that's why Alex is a bit blurry, he wouldn't sit still)

Signal the snowflakes its time to grow

Photographed paper-cuts on the theme of spring. Each accompanied a poem in a small book